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U.S. Citizen

Native Spanish Speaker

Basic Japanese


To advance online education while developing prosperous, democratic and sustainable businesses.


Georgia Institue of Technology

Relevant Courses : Social Computing, Design of Online Communities, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization, Advanced Internet Applications, Computing for Good, Cognition and Culture, Design and Evaluation of User Interfaces.

Major : M.S. Computer Science

Specialization : Social Computing

Graduation Date : May, 2014

GPA : 3.76/4.00

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Relevant Courses : Advanced Programming, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, AI, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Programing Languages, Computer Architecture, Unix Systems Administration, Operating Systems, Microprocessor Interfacing, Circuit Analysis, Analog and Digital Electronics.

Major : B.S. Computer Engineering - Cum Laude

Graduation Date : May, 2012

GPA : 3.32/4.00


Systems Development

Talent for working with large existing code bases and development of complex software systems

Web Development

Ability to create, manage and enhance interactive and secure web applications.

Project Direction

Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of design and development projects in team and independent situations.


  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • C and C++
  • Bash
  • AVR Assembly
  • x86 Assembly
  • Emacs
  • Eclipse
  • Hg/Git/SVN
  • GNU/Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Mobile app development
  • Android

IBM, Poughkeepsie NY

Technical Engineer

Summer 2013

Worked on the zSeries System Test department. My main responsability was to setup, test and document a brand new mainframe infrastructure that allows for secure off-site backup in non-Z/OS systems. Other taks included developing a GUI tool for automatically fetching logs and dumps from mainframes and developing a script to check for a type of error that wasn't being monitored before. [View IBM Poughkeepsie Page]

Track All Inc, Caguas PR

Mobile Software Developer and Systems Administrator

Summer 2011

Developed an Android application capable of reporting potholes on the road, acts of vandalism (e.g. graffiti), illegal trash dumping and other problems that affect cities worldwide. People are able to install this application, take a picture of the item, add notes and other information. Then they can upload the data and view a map with all the items. This product is called Kilomenter 7. [View Track All Page][View Kilometer 7 Page]


Google Summer of Code - Sunlight Foundation

GSoC Student

Summer 2010

Worked with the Sunlight Foundation on the 50 States Project as a GSoC student. Google Summer of Code is a program in which Google sponsors students to work full-time on Free and Open Source projects during the summer. The 50 States Project wants to make data available from all of the U.S. states legislatures through a single easy to use API. I worked on the development of several scrapers for some states including Hawaii, Colorado and Oregon. [View GSoC Page] [View the Sunlight Foundation Page]

IBM Linux Technology Center, Austin TX

Pre-Professional Programmer

Summer 2009

Worked on enhancing and solving issues related to the installer of a Linux distribution developed by IBM. Some of the enhancements include the ability to create live USBs, CDs and virtual machine images. Worked with low-level Linux components such as the initrd/initramfs. [View LTC Page] [View the manager's final evaluation]

Georgia Institute of Technology, NSF

Graduate Research Assistant


Working on supporting the thesis work of Ph.D student Casey Fiesler. The mission is to better understand people's attitudes towards copyright in online communities and how they differ by the type of community. My work consits of scraping the data set to be used for the research. For this I've written software to automate the scraping of web forums and scrapers for many popular online communities. [View Project Page]

University of Puerto Rico, NSF, CenSSIS

Library Developer


The University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM) is developing a high performance, documented, and cross-platform GPU library for hyper-spectral image processing. This library takes advantage of GPUs and the CUDA framework by NVIDIA to drastically improve execution times of some hyper-spectral image processing algorithms. A key challenge in the development of the library is portability. I worked on the development of the build infrastructure and testing infrastructure. Additionally, I was involved on the creation of its coding guidelines. Conference Paper: Gabriel J. Pérez-Irizarry, Francisco De-La-Cruz, Miguel Velez-Reyes, Nayda Santiago-Santiago, "Developing a portable GPU library for hyperspectral image processing", appeared on the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing conference, Baltimore, March 2012. [View Project Page]

University of Puerto Rico, NSF and PR-LSAMP

Game Developer


Worked on the development of a serious 3D game-based learning platform in Java using JMonkeyEngine. The project aims to develop a factory simulation game that will help teach Industrial Engineering concepts. My main responsabilities where the integration of the TWL toolkit library, the implementation of the game grid, the refactoring of some third-party dependency and the design of some components. [View Project Page]

Game GUI Game GUI Mockup

University of Puerto Rico, Lockheed Martin, IAP and PR-LSAMP

Library Developer


Collaborated on improving a set of contributed libraries of the VXL project so that they can be promoted to the core layer of the project. VXL is an open source computer vision library. My work focused on promoting the VPGL module to core via automatic coding standard compliance checks with KWStyle. Additionally, I was involved in the manual coding guideline verification process. I participated in poster sessions and oral presentations for this project. The work was coordinated by Professor Miguel Figueroa-Villanueva. [View Project Page]

University of Puerto Rico


Spring 2008

Under the supervision of Prof. Marko Schütz, I contributed to start implementing a software metrics system for NetBSD. This system combines several existing FOSS software metrics systems. My work consisted of the integration of software metrics tools such as cxref and ncc into the NetBSD build process. This work was done as part of the undergraduate research class of the CS department.

[View Project Page]

GEM Fellowship Recipient


The National GEM consortium promotes the participation of underrepresented groups in post-graduate science and engineering education. GEM Fellows get full tuition waivers and a stipend to cover living costs while persuing graduate degrees. Only around a hundred students are selected from all nation wide applicants. [View 2013 Fellows List]

Reto 2.0 2011 Award Winner

Web Developer


Reto 2.0 is a competition that is open to all college students and it is sponsored by IBM, HP and Microsoft. The idea is to motivate college students to build rich web 2.0 applications. My team built which roughly translates to: learn. The goal of the site is to combine the strengths of social media and traditional media into a single view. The web site does this by pulling data from Twitter, Facebook and the El Nuevo Día's API. [View News Paper Clipping] [View]

premiacion swag swag

Free Culture @ UPRM

Founder and President

2007-Spring 2012

Students for Free Culture (SFC) is a diverse, non-partisan group of students and young people who are working to get their peers involved in the free culture movement. SFC chapters exist at over 40 colleges and universities around the world. SFC has collaborated with Creative Commons, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, Downhill Battle, and other free software and media reform groups. I co-founded our local chapter and I have help lead dozens of initiatives at our University including: Ubuntu Install Fests, Open Source Game Nights, Free CD Giveaways and a Petition for Free/Open Books. One of our most recent projects,, was featured in one of Puerto Rico's most popular newspapers, Primera Hora.[View] [View our local chapter's website]

Software Freedom Day Presentation Free Culture Open House Free Culture Open House


Founder and Secretary

Fall 2006-Spring 2007

Co-founded the Multimedia Productions Group. Served as Secretary and worked on the creation of 3D cutscenes for the Ruminix video game project. Also, I prepared various tutorials on how to use Blender for 3D modelling and animation. [View GPM's website]

Social Computing


Fall 2012

Honest Meet is an online dating website designed to attempt to fix the rampant dishonesty that occurs at online dating websites. One of the main features is what we call "Flavour of the month". Users are prompted on a monthly basis to update their profile pic to reflect a creative interpretation of that month's theme. Users that don't update their profiles can be assumed to posses old and outdated pictures.[Prototype Page]

final prototype first prototype PCB



Fall 2011

The Boardcaster is an electronic chess board with an integrated chess engine. The board records chess games and broadcasts them live on the Internet through WiFi. Our system also has the unique feature of illuminating valid moves for player when a piece is raised with lights located throughout each square on the board. I worked on building the LED display system, including hardware and software, and on the WiFi communication. Also I contributed with the PCB verification and development. [View Class Page][View Project Page][View Final Report]

final prototype first prototype PCB

Microprocessor Interfacing


Fall 2010

Our goal was to use the Arducopter platform, a quadcopter based on Arduino, to create an automatic power-line surveying tool. My main contribution to the project was to get over-the-air serial communication working correctly and reliably between the Arducopter and the ArduRC controller. Additionally, I was involved in the air-worthiness tests performed on the aircraft and developed a GUI application to process the data acquired during missions for use with Google Earth. [View Class Page][View Final Report]

prototype prototype

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